AR Museum

Brief illustration of the applications

From 2019 to 2020, I collaborated with outstanding individuals like Lei Ming at AI Innovation Center in Peking University, engaging in innovative explorations.

In the early stages, we believed the core of AR technology was the effective spatial alignment of real and virtual worlds, allowing virtual digital content to be overlaid in reality for enhancement usage.

Based on this understanding, we chose museums as our application setting. Museums have stable lighting and layouts, offering high technical stability; moreover, their artifacts possess rich cultural significance, needing augmented reality to enhance the visitor experience. This is a niche not directly competing with big companies.

We developed a set of visual reconstruction and localization technologies, combined with artistic design, and conducted application explorations at the National Museum of China, Tsinghua University Art Museum, and Henan Iron Smelting Museum. For more details, see our video.

Jianping Jiang
Jianping Jiang